Regaining beauty with a natural look

Perfectha® is the latest generation of hyaluronic acid filler for natural and long lasting results.

Why do we get lines and wrinkles? When we are younger, the hyaluronic acid present in our skin helps to prevent wrinkles by providing elasticity and hydration. As we become older, our bodies break down this hyaluronic acid and our skin loses its vitality and elasticity. This is when folds, furrows and expression lines start to appear.

What is Perfectha® ?

Perfectha®  is a hyaluronic acid based dermal filler that restores volume and fullness to the skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds, cheeks and lip volume.Your skin can be plumped to look beautifully health and your facial volume will be restored.

  • Perfectha® provides optimal results with low injection volume.
  • Perfectha® is easy to inject due to excellent flow properties.
  • Perfectha® is long lasting with slow and uniform degradation.

Michelle Heaton's Treatment & Results

Before After

Before After

Michelle Heaton says:

For me getting the PERFECTHA® treatment was all about restoring the confidence I've lost as a woman.

I now look like a fresher, new me

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Video curtesy of OK Magazine. Michelle Heaton discussing her Perfectha Treatment, for the full article please see here.


The Perfectha® range offers products to perfectly meet your needs.


  • Perfectha® Fine Lines:

    For fine lines and superficial wrinkles

  • Perfectha® Derm:

    Formulated for most moderate corrections to the face and lip contour

  • Perfectha® Deep

    Formulated for deep wrinkles and furrows as well as lip augmentation

  • Perfectha® Subskin

    Formulated for large losses of volume including augmenting the jaw, the chin and the cheeks as well as rejuvenation of the hands

  • Perfectha® Complement

    Formulated for superficial skin depressions and forehead lines.

(all products are CE Certified)


Main Treatment Areas

  • Brow furrows
  • Cheek augmentation
  • Lips contour
  • Lips augmentation
  • Redefinition of the facial contour
  • Temples
  • Periorbital lines
  • Nose augmentation
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Chin augmentation

Face indication Perfectha

Before-After Images

Before After

Before After

Before After

Before After

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